Pit Bull protection from Split is a company that was founded in 2009. on the foundations of the city martial arts  of the ''Pit Bull'' club, that goes back to the very beginning of the war nineties and was officially founded in 1994. Members of our club from the very beginning of joint training, dealt with all types of security operations and were the mainstay of the strongest security firms which were operating in Split. Since they were mostly young boys in the beginning of action, they didn't think about founding their own company. Eventually, when they decide not to participate actively in fighting sports, it began to be the subject of daily thoughts and conversation. In 2008. a serious initiative of the founders of the martial center to start the security company developed. It was ment for guys who during active sports activities can make money on a fair way.
2009. the company has finally established thanks to extensive experience of members of the Pit Bull and successfully started with the security services. From today's perspective, the company can be proud of several big things that were done at a premium, professional level.
In September 2010., we did a complete insurance of largest sporting event in Croatia - World Cup in Athletics, which was held at the Poljud stadium in Split. We also organized all supporting activities and events related to the championships that were held all over the Split. In the security of the whole event we hired close to 300 stewards and security guards which we successfully coordinated and did not get any objections to the finished work, but only praises. Today we are proud that we are one of the four Split's companies that provide all game icons of Split - the football club ''Hajduk'' matches and Croatian National Team at the  Poljud stadium. Our employees very successfully performed tasks of physical protection during recording the most successful Croatian series broadcast on Nova tv - "Lara's choice'', and many occupations of the production company ''Pact media'' 'and' ''Adria MM productions''. We also did all the events on which performed the best Croatian athlete - Blanka Vlašić. We have secured the biggest event held at the open stage (techno concert of legendary band ''Faithless'') at Split.
Today, we keep the main building of Split - Dalmatia County, work with "Croatian roads", the rugby club "Hope", athletic club ''ASK'' and Split University. During the summer we also protect and range of facilities on the most attractive Croatian tourist destination - the island of Hvar and successfully cooperate with the largest hotel of the house "Sunčani Hvar". Our services can be recognized on the  fortress ''George'' known as ''Fortress'' on the island of Vis.
Our biggest success is that we ensure the festival Ultra Music Fest who has been held for several years in a row, and all matches of football club ''Hajduk'', games of waterpolo club ''Mornar'' and ''Jadran''.
Thanks tu its superb business results at the beginning of action, Poslovna.hr ranked us among the 18% most successful Croatian company, and we entered into the Golden Book of Croatian entrepreneurs.