As the main activity of our company we would accentuate services of physical protection, and technical as well. The level of physical protection service we provide, is a result of the training, education, commitment and continuous training of security guards. All of our security guards are mentally and physically ready for maximum performance of all the duties that are expected of them.
The body care services include:
Security services on protected buildings and spaces are organized on the basis of expert opinions and plans that were made for protection.
Depending on the level and degree of threat, protection of persons and property, do the employees with authority "guard" or "security" issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, pursuant to the Law on private security.
Workers wear the prescribed official uniforms that have placed Company tags.
Services security and protection of public gatherings and meetings.
Security services perform for the purpose of ensuring cultural events, entertainment, sports, and other types of events in closed and open spaces, public spaces, according to the Law on public gatherings.
Services bodyguards are realized for the purpose of protecting a person from any kind of threat to their physical and health integrity.
This form of security operations requires hiring a professional, experienced and responsible security guards.
Security guards - bodyguards, in addition to standard of education, have knowledge of foreign languages ​​and martial arts.